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Water Detox 101: Why You Should + Recipes for the Busy Girl

Water fusions are the best of both worlds, you get the benefits of the water along with what you add into your water.

Water Detox 101: Why You Should + Recipes for the Busy Girl

What is it?

There are people out there who will say that to really do a water detox you need to be drinking just water, that’s ridiculous. No person can or should be sustained based on water, no matter what fusions you add to it. Needless to say this is not that type of article. I’m not even completely sure detox is the right word for it, in fact I know it’s not. Yes, this will aid in detoxing toxins from your body but in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

If you want the best results without starving yourself and ultimately doing more harm than good, these water fusions (that’s a better word) should be used as a substitute for sugary drinks and alcohol, they are not meal alternatives.



The health benefits of water are widely proven. Our body needs water, that much is obvious but besides replenishing our body in addition to aiding our cells and blood carry nutrients to the rest of our body, water has a number of other key benefits. Water fusions are the best of both worlds, you get the benefits of the water along with what you add into your water.

Ever wonder why restaurants serve lemon in water? Besides the added flavour boost, drinking lemon water regularly has a number of added health benefits: improves digestion function, strengthens your immune system, detoxifies your liver, promotes clear skin, and can curb your appetite. If a simple lemon can do all that, why happens when you add even more healthy fruits to your water.



There are a number of key ingredients I always try and keep in the house depending on what’s in season, from which I can mix and match, and here’s why I keep them around.

Lemon — all the reasons above plus all that Vitamin C helps boost the natural healing and regeneration your body needs everyday.

Cucumber — the vitamins and minerals found in cucumbers can help keep your blood pressure in check, curb your appetite, smooth your skin and mineral traces help your muscles. More specifically it targets your connective tissues, making it a great post workout additive.

Raspberries — raspberries are 95% water making them a no brainer when adding them to your everyday waters. There are a number of vitamins and minerals packed into a serving of raspberries, most notably Vitamin C, manganese and antioxidants. Raspberries (my favourite fruit) increases immunity and is a great snack because they’re low in fat but high in fibre, keeping you full for longer.

Blueberries — the original superfood, low in calories but high in nutrients make them a good water additive and snack. Blueberries can help maintain brain function, improve memory, prevent heart disease and so much more.

Strawberries — with similar vitamins as raspberries and blueberries, why do you need strawberries too? Besides berry water being delicious, strawberries help burn stored fat, boost short term memory, promote bone health and have nitrates which help the flow of blood and oxygen in your body which aids weight loss.

Oranges — vitamins and delicious favour aside, studies have shown the properties of oranges help prevent cancer and kidney disease. As if that’s not enough to get you eating more oranges, they also aid good vision, regulate high blood pressure and protect your skin from signs of aging.

Kiwi — the fibre found in kiwis help move toxins from your intestines in addition to protection from DNA damage.

Grapefruit — a natural fat burner, liver cleanser and packs a lot of vitamin C for your immune system.



They’re more combinations than recipes since I measure nothing and instead just throw together all my favourites into my glass and just add water and occasionally ice. The only constant is my lemon water in the morning. After waking up, I have a glass of water with ice and three slices of lemon before I begin any type of getting ready or even start my coffee maker.

cucumber & strawberry (everyday favourite)

raspberry & lemon (on the go drink in my bag)

blueberry, raspberry & lemon (my post workout drink)

cucumber & lemon (my yoga water)

blueberry & orange (skin and immunity booster)

strawberry & kiwi (my summer favourite)

strawberry, lemon & grapefruit (fruity substitute to alcohol cravings)

blueberry, lemon & cucumber (naturally boosts metabolism)




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  • Amber-Lee

    Thanks so much! I am going to try these mixtures!!!! xo

    • Would love to hear what’s your favourite!

  • Rachel Renae Grit

    I looooove water and try to drink as much as possible (I just reviewed my favorite new Bluetooth waterbottle over at, so I’ll have to try these out!

    • I am a water fanatic, would love to know what fusions you come up with. Can’t wait to read about the Bluetooth bottle 🙂

  • This was such an interesting read, I need to give some of these a try

    • So happy you enjoyed it, let me know which one is your favourite or what new recipes you come up with


    Great suggestions to try! Thanks for the info!

  • This is an awesome list!! Thank you so much! I have a pitcher that infuses fruits but I haven’t used it except for the first few weeks after I bought it years ago. I think it’s time to dust it off now!

  • ramblingmads

    My infuser water bottle was a fantastic purchase. Definitely encouraged me to drink more water. Haven’t tried kiwi yet but there’s some in the fridge.

  • umm this is amazing and for someone who hates drinking water i love switching it up to bright and fun ways like this to make it easier! thanks for this girl and great pictures!

  • this is a great idea! I wish i had some of the fruit combos you listed above so i could do that. Love your blog by the way!

  • It looks so yummy and refreshing. Pinning it to my board so I can make it over the weekend. Thank you for sharing.
    Btw I love your bottle. x


  • Lofe these so much. Water fusions are my favorite. I try to drink more water all the time and the only thing that gets me going is some sort of fruit flavoring in them. Pinning this so I can make a bunch of different flavors to try this weekend!


  • Lauren Norton

    This is great! I am always looking for new ways to make infused water and I can’t wait to try these out! There are several combos that I hadn’t thought of. Thanks for sharing!