Wake TF Up with these Healthy Coffee Alternatives

Waking up is hard to do, especially without your first cup of coffee. For some, coffee is what gets them out of bed. Iced or hot, coffee is a very important step in morning routines.

However, there are those non-coffee drinkers out there looking for a way to perk them up in the early hours. Also, many try to cut back on their coffee intake for many reasons (including saving money). But, don’t go worrying about falling asleep at your desk, just yet. These healthy and delicious coffee alternatives will get your moving and grooving to accomplish all your goals of the day!

Wake TF Up with these Healthy Coffee Alternatives

Matcha Tea:

This is one HOT trend. Taking Instagram’s my storm, this bright green drink is any trendy girl’s go to.  You can now find a Mathcha Tea Latte in many local coffee and tea spots, but it is also super easy to make at home. Matcha tea is filled with antioxidants but will keep your energy up, as well as help you focus.

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Hot Water with Lemon:

Beautiful and famously healthy women such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are known for starting their day off with hot water and lemon. This natural (and inexpensive) drink aids in digestion and flushes any toxins from your system. This is also a great way to support healthier skin! It’s starts with hydration so getting your morning off to a start with this, will be sure to show results.

Wake TF Up with these Healthy Coffee Alternatives

Naturally flavored Water with Fruit:

For those who would prefer an iced beverage to wake up to, try spicing up something as simple as your bottle of water. Slice up fruit such as strawberries, lemons and apples and add them to your water. You will be at your water goals for the day in no time! We even have some great recipes for you to try, here!

Wake TF Up with these Healthy Coffee Alternatives

Green Smoothies:

This one’s a personal fave, as while you’re getting a good wake-up, I always feel full and happy afterwards. Sometimes I’ll just grab a slice of toast with avocado on it to go with to start the day.



Alexandra Sebestyen

Editorial Contributor

Alexandra is a new, New Yorker working in digital media and fashion | lifestyle blogging. When she is not writing she can be found enjoying time with friends, exploring her new city or looking for the best doughnut in town. Instagram

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