10 Tips That Will Keep You Motivated to Work Out

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Find a workout you love

This is a step that will pretty much have everything fall into place. There are so many ways to break a sweat and get your heart rate up. Whether you enjoy running, walking, spinning, swimming, HIIT workouts, or Pilates; they all get you moving, and on the way to progress. Yoga is also a great mind and body workout to get done along with cardio or lifting, as the stretching is vital.

Trying Something New

Doing the same workout may seem stable and easy, but it’s bound to get boring after a while. So trying something new every now and then, which is exciting, can definitely be motivating.

Then Just Get there

It can be difficult to wake up to your 4:30 alarm, get ready and fuel up before the gym. The key is to prepare the night before and make that process as simple & quick as possible. In most cases I love the workout, so as soon as I get there, I’m happy I did.

Having a goal in mind

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain stamina for marathons, build strength, or the many other benefits of a good workout regime; keeping that goal in mind will get your butt in there. Don’t forget to set mini goals before your big goal. Ex. Weight loss goal is 40 lbs, so celebrate every milestone at 5 or 10 lbs to keep the journey positive! There are actually apps that can help you keep track of these goals!

Stay energized with a good sleep schedule

Sleep is such an important step in keeping your health in check, and even getting workouts in. Needless to say you probably won’t want to workout if you’re sleepy. So a good way to work on your workout regime, is by rewiring your biological clock.

Make plans, try not to just “fit it in”

Saying “oh, maybe after work” or “I can go after a few episodes” isn’t really helping with a consistent workout schedule. You’ll be much more motivated to hit the gym, or head out for a run, if you put it in your planner or phone reminders like other important tasks.

Take care of your body in other ways like eating healthy

Once I am on a roll with good eating habits, I am more inclined to want to take care of myself in all aspects. Healthy eating and working out work hand-in-hand in your fitness goals. When one is going well, usually the other follows. Leafy greens, lean proteins, and healthy fats are essentials in a healthy diet. Even the little treat every now and then are apart of the process in a healthy regime.

Fitness Blogs + Youtubers

There are plenty of people on the internet, that are on the same journey as you, or who went through it already. They have advice, tutorials, and stories to share to motivate you to reach your goals. Brit.co shared fitness YouTubers to follow here, and Society19 compiled some great fitness bloggers here.

Have the right attire & gear

Athleisure being a big trend lately, took the workout clothes outside of the gym. With that being said, the affordable athletic lines in stores such as Old Navy, Target, and more have upped their style game in this particular area. Which is great for wanting to feel good in the gym, which is really motivating!

Accountability with a friend

Having someone to be there to push you to get there, get another rep or half mile in, and even keep you in check outside of the gym, is a blessing. It may be hard to find hat one person capable of all of that, but simply having someone to shoot you a text making sure you go, or tagging along could really help a lot.



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