6 Tips on Getting the Daily Recommended 64oz of Water a Day

We all know water is important to our health. I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s not the easiest thing to drink the recommended 8 cups of water in a day, for me at least. I have made the change to drop soda and juice which is great and all, but I still have a crazy addiction to sweet tea. That’s just a growing up in the south, and Grandma always having an overly sweet pitcher in the fridge my whole life. So on top of cutting soft drinks and sugary juice out of my diet, I’ve vowed to cut the tea intake to one glass with lunch a day. The rest of the day, I drink water. Here are some simple actionable tips to get more water intake in your day than usual, just in time for #WorldWaterDay on March 22nd.


Instead of looking at the goal as 64oz, break it down! If you have a big pack of water bottles in your pantry that you grab from (which are around 16.9oz each) make it your goal to drink 4 a day. In my mind 4 sounds easier than 64!


It’s really easy to accidentally go half the day without reaching my midday goal of water intake, especially in the winter when I’m just not as thirsty. Your phone or Fitbit/Apple Watch let you set reminders for whatever you may need them for throughout the day. I love my Fitbit because I’m already wearing it all day, everyday, and it has vibrating alarms that are silent to everyone but me and I know exactly what it’s for.

Carrying your favorite reusable water bottle

Along with the other tips, they all go hand in hand. With a big camelback water bottle, which I’ll usually grab a 32oz one, I only have to remember to drink the whole thing twice! So easy to wrap my head around and it’s easy to remember when to take a swig because of my silent alarms. Also throughout the day, holding the bottle or seeing it on my desk makes me more likely to take a drink real fast, rather than remembering to get up and grab a small bottle from the pantry.


Some days water is can be just too boring and it makes it really hard to fathom drinking so much of it in a day. There are actually so many different fruit infusion ideas out there to try, and they make a world of a difference in the taste. Once you find your favorite concoction, get you a really cool water bottle made just for infusing, and it’ll be so easy to reach those water intake goals and more!

Drink Tea

I LOVE coffee, always have. I’ve actually figured out that I can get more of the pick-me-up from Earl Grey Tea and a packet of Stevia, than my WCM at Starbucks and at home Kcups and creamer (without the stomach ache an hour later.. am I the only one?). I’ve always sucked it up and dealt with it, since I loved the warm concoction of goodness every morning. Now, I’ve completely made the switch and I save so much money, and still use the Keurig for hot water! I use Tazo Earl Grey Tea, and Stevia in the Raw. There are so many other different kinds of teas as well! I also love some Sleepytime tea before bed to wind down. It can be iced tea as well, simply watch the sugar!

Keep yourself accountable

Back to using something that in our hands half the day anyway. Your phone has apps that will help make drinking water throughout the day easier. Plant Nanny which we’ve mentioned before here is super cute and fun! It doesn’t hurt to congratulate yourself with a little reward after drinking all your water for the day as well!

It’s one of the easiest ways to work on your health, but can sometimes be the hardest to execute. Just keep those health and fitness goals in mind, pay attention to the benefits as they come, and stick with these tips to stay on top of it!


  • Mel

    I’ve started to make a conscious effort to drink more water and having a bottle with me at all times really helps. I’m still only on about a litre a day but it’s significantly more than it used to be.


  • I love tea! Hot, cold, lukewarm – it doesn’t matter, I’ll drink it anyways! My personal favorite is just-brewed, slightly sweet iced green tea.

  • Carolin

    It took me while to “drink water” as I used to get sick from it. I tried and tested a few waters and when I found the one with the best taste it got better and better. At work we have a water tab and it tastes amazing, so I keep a one liter waterbottle by my desk and refill it twice.

    Caz | Style Lingua

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