You’ve Lost Your Direction, Here’s How to Deal


Wandering aimlessly throughout your days is exhausting. That sense of defeat and frustration dogs at your heels as you take steps toward an uncertain path and all you want to do is plop down on your butt and say enough is enough. How long can one wander toward nothing before they’re too lost to find their way back? When will that aha moment send you into a full on sprint toward the finish line? The answers to these questions are as uncertain as the direction you’re wandering and I fully understand the temptation to just not walk one step further.

Keep walking, keep putting one foot in front of the other even, if it’s agonizingly slow. Crawl if you have to, but that forward motion will turn into great strides before you know it. Even when you’re blindly following along, have faith that the sun will rise and reveal the purpose you’ve been searching for. No one is directionless even if it feels like you are. There’s such an exciting journey of discovery ahead and these temporary feelings will give way to a life you’ve always dreamt of.

You may feel empty or useless but you have such a valid contribution to the world. Pick yourself up on the day’s doubt and fear are screaming at you, quiet their toxic voices, and move forward with courageous faith. Live boldly and confidently, continue wandering because your direction will find you, and center yourself on the idea that you were created for such a time as this. Chase down your purpose, keep searching and you’ll find exactly what you were looking for. Don’t plop down on your butt just yet because great things are waiting around the corner. You aren’t journeying in vain, you’re well on your way to an exciting destination.

“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” –Fabienne Fredrickson




Madison Huffman

Editorial Contributor

Madison Huffman is a Nashville, TN native who loves to write. She currently works as the social media director and content creator for the Odyssey, and is a full time puppy mom to Duke. If she's not at your local coffee shop, you can catch her screaming at a Preds hockey game or with her nose in a book. She's just a girl chasing dreams one blog at a time. Instagram

  • Holly

    I absolutely needed to read this right now. After feeling confused with my direction and having some knock backs that really disheartened me, I thought there wasn’t much point in carrying on with my hustle. Reading this has reminded me that a step forward is still a step forward, no matter how small!

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