7 Ways to Bring more Positivity into your Life

7 Ways to Bring more Positivity into your Life

There comes a time in our lives where it feels like you can’t seem to do anything right, and neither can anyone around you. Work gets hectic, school gets stressful, there is trouble in paradise in the relationship, and people around you just don’t have nice things to say, and are still talking. I’ve been there, you may have, and if not your time may come. Unless you keep these simple practices and mindsets in mind.

Make time for yourself

When things just aren’t going well, it’s hard to want to keep going and going dealing with the bullshit. Every now and then to keep you sane, just take some time to just enjoy yourself. It’s necessary babe.


Be around the right people

Sometimes it isn’t you keeping yourself down or unhappy, its the crowd, relationship, or friendship that could be. If you notice that it is any of those people, though it may be difficult in certain situations, life’s too short to not know how to cut negative things out of your life. Even if those things happen to be people.


Choose your battles

Whether you’re in a relationship, at work, or withing a friendship a conflict arises, just stop and think.. is it worth it. Being able to control what bothers you, and handling things accordingly, will make your life a hell of a lot easier.


Put yourself first every now and then

A big deal of my stress comes from overbearing myself with coworkers’, friends’, and my family’s needs, wants, and concerns. Actually being honest with people and letting them know that now isn’t a good time, or how you’re really feeling about bending backwards for them constantly is important. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin.


Stay motivated and inspired

Keeping your eye on the prize, no matter what your goals are is essential to staying positive. When you’re aware of what you’re supposed to be doing, to get to where you want to be, or to have what you want; you’re more than likely going to feel good about having the thoughts in mind. If I’m always looking on Tumblr for advice, motivation, and inspiration on getting fit, it keeps my goals and process in mind. Which makes me feel organized and on-track; which makes me happy!

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Unfollow and Unfriend the negativity

It’s one thing to be around people who are negative in your life, and it’s another to see more people like that every time you hop online. Being a blogger, I’m always on social media and unfollowing and unfriending the people online that just aren’t making social networks a nice, fun, positive place.


Treat yo’self

I’m always for this one. Everyone has their thing. My boyfriend loves vinyl and updating his equipment, My sister buys books like no other, and my best friend finds her happiness in excessively large Forever 21 shopping carts online. I’m a tech-y and home design freak. I’m always happy to find cute and random, yet fitting knickknacks for my home. I also love to have the latest phone, speakers, Fitbit, and more too. Anyway, always sticking true to you, and remembering to indulge in what you love every now and then is vital to living a happy positive life.


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Monique Burton

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  • Hayley Gascoyne

    Love this you have good advise I am definitely in for the treat yourself one

  • I love this! I actually have a similar post publishing tomorrow. I love how 2 bloggers can write on the same topic, and still come up with totally different ideas. The GIFs were a great addition!

  • Hey there Monique, awesome post here! Love the tips you’ve shared. Hilarious gif images too. lol Thank you for sharing.

  • Great post – loving the gifs! I think we could all use a little more positivity in our lives! Surround yourself with inspiring people – not sucky ones!

    xox Cheyanne