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6 Habits to Keep you Healthy while Blogging

6 Habits to Keep you Healthy while Blogging

#1 – Have a Specific Work space

A clear desk creates a clear mind, right? Too much clutter can be distracting, and having somewhere specifically to work in will keep you in the zone. I’m not a fan of working from bed personally, and if you want to turn your blog into a job, you need to get into the habit of treating it like going to work! Though if your blog is still just a hobby, then by all means blog in bed if it’s where you work best. Hey, may as well be comfortable!

#2 – Take Regular Breaks

You’re working on something online only to look away from the screen and discover that the sun has set, your room is dark and you haven’t moved for 4 hours. It happens to all of us, I’m sure, but it definitely isn’t good for us. Taking regular 5-10 minute breaks will make all the difference. Stretch your body, rest your eyes and take a mini-breather. You’ll thank yourself later.[blockquote author=”” pull=”normal”]Stretch your body, rest your eyes and take a mini-breather. You’ll thank yourself later.[/blockquote]

#3 – Check Your Posture

Always end up with an achy back or neck? Are you slouching in your seat now? Sitting down for long periods of time will inevitably see you slowly moving further and further down that chair. Try to sit up straight; using an exercise ball or a seat without a back can help with posture as you’ve got to work harder to sit upright. Go a step further and work standing up if possible – raise your desk and computer screen so they’re at a comfortable height.

#4 – Healthy Snacking

It’s all too easy to mindlessly eat whatever is in arm’s reach when you’re working or watching something, and I don’t know about you guys, but sweet treats often appear on my desk. Instead, try keeping foods such as trail mix or fruit there and you’ll be snacking on healthier things.

#5 – Stay Hydrated

Likewise, making better choices with your drinks (and hey, I’m not talking wine here!) will keep you feeling great whilst sitting at that desk all day. Water will help to keep snacking at bay, and good hydration also has an effect on your energy levels and brain function. Plus, the extra trips to the kitchen or bathroom will give you those much-needed quick breaks! The simplest way to measure your water intake is to use a sports bottle. You’ll easily see how much (or little!) you’ve had to drink.

#6 – Take Lunch Somewhere Else

Who here has ignored their lunch break and just carried on working and fitting in mouthfuls of food between typing? It’s a common occurrence in a lot of work places, but being at home and just blogging for enjoyment doesn’t exempt you from having a lunch break! Eating elsewhere allows you to focus on the food you’re eating, and you’ll have that time away to refresh your brain and muscles. [blockquote author=”” pull=”pullright”]Everyone needs a break at some point![/blockquote]

Have any tips of your own to share? Let’s chat below.
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  • Rianne Mitchell

    This is a useful post for us bloggers, i occasionally get engrossed inwriting as many posts and getting the perfect shot and before i know it its dark outside lol x

  • Great tips! I like to set a timer on my phone and after 45 mins of sitting, I get up to do something! Staying seated too long can lead to some bad health issues, so it’s a great thing to keep in mind. Love your tip about taking lunch somewhere else, rather than keeping your eyes stuck on the computer screen!

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  • Corinne

    This is such an important and helpful post! I all too often find myself slouching, and have neck and back aches all too frequently! I’m definitely going to be implementing your tips now!
    Corinne xx