3 Free Apps You should have to Help Keep Track of Your Fitness Goals

This time of year always brings about the renewal of those new years resolutions you made in January. We can all be honest, it’s easy to slip back into old patters and stray from the path of health, through the year. It is best to practice a life of moderation, and it’s easier than ever to get back on a healthier and happy track, with the tool that is in your hands daily! There are countless apps that not only help you find ways of being a better you, but provide daily inspiration and tips to reach goals.


Daily Water

To look and feel your best, it starts from the inside out. For your best skin and overall health water plays a key factor. Keeping track of how much you need and how much you are actually drinking is so simple with this app. You log as you go and simply empty one of the “virtual glasses” as you drink through your day. Learning about all water can do is very encouraging to keep going and make your daily needs. For health from your hair to your mind, grab a glass and keep the refills coming.


Apple is watching out for us all with an app they added to everyone’s phones. The Health app tracks steps and distance for each day. It’s so easy to see if you are getting enough activity in your daily life and were you need to maybe take the steps instead of the elevator. Push yourself to beat your longest distance or find out how many steps your commute really is, each day. Also, many apps sync with the Health app, so you can get rewarded for how many steps you are taking in a day. (If you do not fall into the Apple category there are many apps you can download that will provide the same information!)

Lose It!

Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds for swimsuit season or just want to learn how many calories you are consuming, this calorie tracker is great. You can find out how many calories are in your meals, see how many you consume in a day and learn the best ways to utilize your caloric intake for that day. There is also a section that plays into fitness and water. This app will keep you accountable for what you are eating each day, and makes cheat day taste even better!

Life is simply, so much better balanced. We can all have fun, grab pizza with the girls and take it easy on Sundays. But, making sure we are being healthy is a huge part of happiness. Stay positive and on track with these FREE and fun apps!



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Alexandra Sebestyen

Editorial Contributor

Alexandra is a new, New Yorker working in digital media and fashion | lifestyle blogging. When she is not writing she can be found enjoying time with friends, exploring her new city or looking for the best doughnut in town. Instagram

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