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12 Tips for Handling an “Awake to Sleep” Let alone a 9-5

I am checking emails first as I wake up at 6:30AM, and scheduling tweets and finishing up articles before I fall asleep around midnight.

12 Tips for Handling an “Awake to Sleep” Let alone a 9-5
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Some people look at their near future, ideal career, (or what they already have!) as a nice paying job, that they may actually enjoy, making friends with coworkers at lunch, meeting deadlines at the end of the day and heading home with time to hit happy hour or the gym before dinner. Weekends off to do as they please, with the occasional date nights, girls’ nights, and family dinners in between. A lot of women love the stability, the stature, and the social life. Though this is the case for some women, I am absolutely not one of these women. I don’t  live the 9-5 life. I am checking emails first as I wake up at 6:30AM, and scheduling tweets and finishing up articles before I fall asleep around midnight. I have a dream, a goal, and the drive to get to where I want to be in the next few years. It’s hard work, can be extremely stressful, and seem like never ending anxiety, BUT I wouldn’t trade my drive, dedication, and determination in any day for the corporate life. Apart of the reason that I created this blog, is for women like me. HUSTLERS. Our tagline is literally “Hustlin’ for what we want, and livin’ life on our own terms”. It’s all about working hard to get to where and what you want, WHILE remembering to enjoy the little things and life period! So if you seem to be wearing many hats in one day, and it seems things are going south, here are some tips to keep things INLINE.

I do want to state that before I lay down some necessary advice for you, that I am not saying there is any woman better than the other, simply by her career, life choices, and situation. This is a space of empowerment and positivity. I have love for and the up-most respect for every one of you.

1. Schedule ME time

It can be hard to remember this one when, because I love to write so much, working on the blog feels like my “Me time”. Just don’t forget that YOU need YOUR attention every now and then.

2. Restrict emails to certain times of the day

I wake up to my loud iPhone alarm, and after turning it off, I see a lovely little red number over my email app. I don’t know what it is, but I HAVE to click it to see if I received a response back from something I inquired about, or any of my contributors have a question or idea. I have learned to simply respond, and actually not check back in (unless really important) until lunch, and then not again until around 7pm! It’s actually a little difficult to not pick up the phone and check, but what I did finally was turn off notifications. It HELPS!

3. Work remotely outside of your home

When I came from work, I’d often find myself sitting at my desk and not even remembering to get up for dinner. I’d look up at the corner at the time and realize I was at my desk for 4 hours. It’s crazy. I started to get into this weird routine, and I think it actually caused my creative juices to come to a halt. I decided to one day pack up the laptop and hit the nearest Starbucks, and I was actually way more inspired! The people coming in and out, the music, and the nearby conversation sparked LOADS of inspiration, and I found myself jotting way more notes and ideas at home.

4. Don’t forget your friends or family

I was a big culprit of this. I would often feel like if I left the house to hang out with friends or family, I’d lose concentration on a project, or I’d lose focus. Getting out with people who care about you, is healthy! They care about what your working on and don’t mind an update. Just don’t talk about work or your side hustle the whole time.

5. Plan. Plan. Plan.

Having a plan for your day, week, and even month is so important! You don’t want to be blindly working, (or not working) and deadlines you set in your head and you stress tf out.

6. Have the right supplies

Planners, notepads, journals, pens galore. It’s important to make sure that you have the right artillery under your belt to get shit done. Other things to have in a more digital sense are a computer (duh), an image editing resource like Photoshop, Illustrator, or even the free service PicMonkey (my go-to currently), and the best bookmark bar with everything you access everyday. (major time-saver)

7. Don’t let go of the appearance you once upheld

I am in school online, manage Hello Hustle, and Nanny for a living. I have no reason to dress up. I did at one time before, and I really enjoyed doing a little makeup, trying new hairstyles, and being myself in my style. All I want to do now is dress comfortably, but I do make sure I keep to myself and have my hair done and a good winged eyeliner for ME. You should too.

8. Have a day where you do NO work

One day a week where you plan to do nothing but relax, hang with the family, go on a day trip, or binge watch Netflix. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure your phone is on silent and the laptop is SHUT. Working every single day, is not the end goal, get used to making more and working less now, by taking that ONE day off.

9. Get help when you need it

As the Editor for Hello Hustle, it does start to get a little hectic at home with writing articles, editing and proofreading, keeping our brand together, answering emails, and working social media. When I need it, I make sure that I speak up and ask someone to help with just a piece. I’m not even the type of person who likes asking for help, but I know to keep me sane, I gotta do what I gotta do. As do you.

10. Spend time each day doing something you love

Love to read, craft, cook, watch a show live, dance, play video games, garden, and/or get drinks? Make sure you set a bit of time out of your day to keep yourself happy. It’s important.

11. Eat healthy + schedule some activity

The last thing you want is to resent your hard work or side hustle for being the reason you gained a few pounds or are feeling unhealthy. Here are some tips on eating healthy while blogging, but really anything you’d do at a computer!

12. Be disciplined in getting enough sleep

I can’t stress this one enough. I know people say, the hustle never sleeps or other “motivational” quotes on “working hard all the damn time and not needing any sleep to succeed”. Well NO, you need your sleep. Sleep deprivation is a huge cause of stress, and It again will make you second guess or resent the hard work you put into your goals. Just keep your health in mind!



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Monique Burton

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  • Great tips! I’ve found that for me, keeping my work email off my personal phone has been a really good way to separate work time from personal time. I can only access my email from my computer during work hours. Then at night and on the weekends I walk away from it. That might not work for everyone, but in general I’m a big advocate of separating your work obligations from your personal life (and devices!)

    • Such good advice Tracy! I’m trying to do the same, so thanks for sharing your tip 🙂

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